Social Gaming Etiquette

As you work your way through becoming familiar with the basics of UOGamers it is extremely important to remember the underlying premise of what we’ve built here. UOGamers is an online world, which is very real for our players, many of whom have invested years of their time into it. In short, you’re not alone, you’re playing this game with thousands of other people who play UOGamers and your actions here affect people, just like they would in the “real world”. When you make a decision to do something, temper it with knowing you can have a very real impact on the players around you who are a key part of this world.

Origin (EA Games) published the following basic guidelines for etiquette, we believe they’re very true and valuable for UOGamers also:

  • When starting out, do not ask other players for gold or items. If you are short of gold, we recommend asking people how they earned gold when they were starting out. It is always okay to ask for help, it is not okay to ask for handouts.
  • “Do” “not” “type” “one” “word” “and” “hit” “enter”. You can enter up to 80 characters while typing any phrase in UO. Try not to break up your thoughts, or you will most likely be ignored.
  • “DO NOT SHOUT!” Most people consider typing in all caps, sometimes called “shouting”, rude. There is not ever an appropriate time to do it, even if you are trying to emphasize a thought.
  • Don’t name a character something foolish. People who see a character named “Chucky D” are less likely to help that character or even associate with them. There is no reason to give yourself a disadvantage with a name. Even if you bleieve the character to be a “throw away” character, put some thought into the name. You never know when you are gong to run into good fortune in the game.
  • Use proper greetings. While “Sup” may be completely appropriate among your friends int he game, when speaking to strangers a nice “Hello” or even a “Hail” will go a long way to improving the opinion others have of you. (And their willingness to help you.)
  • Try to communicate effectively with strangers. Though we encourage role-playing, typing “thou art a felonious knave” may not be as effective as typing “you are a thief.” It is important to make sure you are understood.
  • Just as you don’t want to obfuscate your intent with archaic language, you also don’t want to have others ignore you because your sentences ignore basic grammar rules. Typing “Plz Help me kill this dragon” may get your point accross, but will probably also get you ignored.

We’re not trying to come off strict, make you feel like you have to be on your best behavior all the time but what we are asking you is to remember that this world is very real for our players and especially for our staff members who put a lot of hard work into building this world. It’s important that we all respect each other to ensure this stays a fun place for everyone!