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Escort Timer

Discussion in 'Cartographer and Scribe' started by aemneuspeed, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. aemneuspeed

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    Nov 18, 2003
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    If anyone gains in the compassion virtue, I was bored waiting for the 5 mins to be up to take the next escort, you can use this to let you know when the 5 mins is up if your playing another char in between.
    Basically it will keep the first one going until you finish the quest and start a 5 min timer, and sound an alarm to let you know its complete.

    I created 2 scripts to be able to clear the timer (didnt spend much time on it)

    1st script
    if @injournal 'We have arrived!'
      settimer 'escort' 0
      playmacro 'timer'
    Set this to loop

    2nd script
    if not timerexists 'escort'
      createtimer 'escort'
      settimer '300000'
    elseif timer 'escort' < 300000
      timermsg 'escort' 86
      headmsg '**RESTING**' 86
      pause 30000
    elseif timer 'escort' > 300000
      playsound 'bell.wav'
      headmsg 'Resting Complete!' 86
      settimer 'escort' 0
      playmacro 'pre timer'

    Make sure to name the 2nd script timer or if you change the name make sure to edit the name beside playmacro in the first one. Also if you use the wav file alert make sure its in the sound folder of your UOS folder (default location - C:\Program Files (x86)\UOS\Sounds) and make sure its named the same as in macro. This will alert you when the 5 min timer is up if your playing another char while waiting. If you dont want to use it, delete that line, or comment it out.

    I'm' sure this can be tweaked so any ideas or thoughts just let me know!
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