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What happened to these sites and the server moves?

Discussion in 'Shard News' started by Ryan, Oct 8, 2017.

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  1. Ryan

    Ryan UOGamers Founder
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    Jul 1, 2004
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    Evidently, there's an undercurrent going around about what happened to the official sites, why we moved the servers and overall why I was gone.

    First and foremost, the websites were at a datacenter fulfilling a contract on hardware we owned. This hardware had a multi-drive failure in a raid array. This took down the web servers, database servers, and the Sallos ecosystem.

    While this may seem pretty trivial, replace the hard drives and restore, it quickly became apparent that our backup software had not been operating correctly as the most recent dates of the backups in Amazon were fairly old. Upon realizing a network change from moving the servers to Amazon caused the backups to fail, I immediately called a data recovery firm and engaged them. The original data loss with backups would have been about 90 days.

    The data recovery firm did a wonderful job, but it cost enough to buy a used car. Once I had the data I promptly shoved those drives back into the chassis booted it up and verified it was able to boot the various virtual machines etc...

    The problem here is I got busy. I really don't owe anyone an explanation but during this time my father was diagnosed with dementia and the company I work for was sold, which took up a shit-load of time. In short, I had priorities that took precedence over the servers. The bigger problem is that I didn't have anything setup to allow someone to fully assume what needed to be done to help.

    When I got back Amazon had opened up their Ohio region which made good sense to be a little more 'central' to the USA, and still provide good routing for the non-US based users. It turns out the Ohio region has sucked for us so we will be moving everything back to Virginia.

    As you can now see, the websites are all returning, Sallos is up... and life will continue to move on. I find it a bit ironic though that anyone wants to pile-on with me after I've kept a project alive for twenty years. Paid the bills when there wasn't a donation store and frankly speaking put this above a lot of things in my life. I've missed vacation time with the family to do UOGamers work, I've let work slip before (early days) for UOGamers, I stayed up far too late many nights, been awoken from a dead sleep to restart servers that have crashed, fought denial of service attacks, moved the servers on whims because providers have kicked us out and been through the proverbial wringer... because I love this place.

    Here's the deal, I'm not perfect... but no one is. My heart is always in the right place and some of you can continue to say things about me that simply are not true, make assumptions and look like fools or you can just let go of the crap and focus on playing a free game, which we've provided for twenty years. UOGamers is actually older than RunUO and will probably always be a part of my life, as long as the client works.

    Lastly... do I, or any of the staff ever say anything to you when life commitments become too much and you step away from the game we all, always come back to? Do we ask you why you abandoned us? Do we sit around and conjure up stories or rumors about you?


    Because we all have lives, but we all love this game. We all find our way back to it. The difference is, players, get breaks with no repercussions. If one of us in the 'staff world' take a break, or get busy with lives it's abandonment, it's terrible and we (especially me) become the subject of gossip and insipid comments.

    Demise and Hybrid have been around for a long, long time... far longer than any other operational freeshard out there. We will continue to operate these shards as long as we are financially and technically able to do so.

    Let's put the bullshit to bed and focus on why we are all here because we love Ultima Online, but most importantly because UOGamers at the end of the day is the tie that binds us all together.

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